About Us

Griots. Kathakalakshepas. Minstrels. Ashiks. Bards. Or simply said – Storytellers.

Across the ages, if there has been one profession that has consistently stood the test of time – it has been that of a storyteller. Tales and anecdotes were used to convey ideas in a manner that they stuck with the listener, thereby making “stories” a concept as old as man himself.

The fashion in which they are told today may have changed, from the old singing and verse-making to modern visual-story-telling, but when done right it remains to be the most effective way of capturing an audience’s mind and heart both.  It not only compels people to pay attention, but also stirs in them a reaction towards what is being said.


At Narrative Pictures, our team of expert storytellers from the media, TV and film industry spend their time creating magical visuals and compelling narratives to translate your ideas into engaging stories.  Stories that showcase to the world, what you have to offer!